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Are you in need of a professional commercial voiceover for your commercial? Look no further! Our experienced voice actors can bring your video script to life with clear and engaging delivery.

Whether you’re promoting a product, service, or brand, our team has the talent and expertise to deliver top-quality audio that will grab your audience’s attention. From energetic and upbeat to soothing and calming, we have a wide range of voices to match your desired tone and style.

We offer fast turnaround times and can accommodate various accents and languages. The process is easy – send us your script and let us know your desired voice and tone. We’ll handle the rest, delivering high-quality audio files that will take your commercial to the next level.

Don’t settle for subpar voiceovers. Choose professional quality with our team. Contact us today to get started on your commercial voiceover project!

LJ Hooker Realestate

Thanks and happy with all the service was wonderful. Plenty of positive feedback!

Matt Adset
LJ Hooker Realestate

It could not have been any more perfect 😊

One Day Video

As a video production company, we are loving VidVoices! You make it so darn easy! 🙂


Great experience, very professional, well done! A pleasure to work with the team.

Neil Muller
Bakers Delight

vidVoices was fast, efficient and more than happy to suit our specific needs. We are very happy with the end result.

Scott Darkin
Bakers Delight

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Select from over 150 Voice Talents with varying languages, accents & styles.

Voice Overs for Commercials

Bring your commercial video to life—choose from our talented pool of voice actors and enjoy high-quality audio that speaks with authenticity and clarity!